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For review, the images you upload will automatically be converted to PDF and HTML for reviewers to download. Please label and number your figures and figure legends clearly. Each figure should be given a short heading, which will be published in bold font.

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To promote data transparency,Brain Communicationsrequires a data availability statement. This should be included at the end of the ‘Materials and methods’ section under a separate ‘Data availability’ subheading. New software and/or algorithms essential to the conclusions of the submitted manuscript should be included in this data availability statement. Brain Communicationsconducts rigorous and constructive single-blind peer review. All papers submitted toBrain Communicationsare seen by one or more of the scientists on our Editorial Board.

The Best Youtube Video Editors

Brain Communicationsis a fully open access journal, and all articles are published in the journal under an open access licence immediately upon publication. You will need to pay an open access charge to publish under an open access licence. Author-friendly publication model encompassing flexible article lengths and easy submission. COVID-19 has changed how many people work, and software tools are pivoting to match. We look at four up-and-coming collaboration tools, Zimbra, Askaway, Sketchboard, and RemoteHQ, to see what factors will become more important when selecting collaboration tools in the future.

  • Twenty split-screen types of various shapes and forms are more free dounload site than enough.
  • Some would say, there’s even more than usual for free, with things like audio effects (amplify, fade, flanger, chorus, delay, reverb, time stretch, etc.), subtitles, lines and shapes.
  • If there are a large number of fragments, the final file will be composed from the first frames of each fragment.
  • Also, Wondershare keeps in pace with time and trends, constantly adding new creative elements.
  • Split-screen editor is much nicer and easier than in other programs – open it, select a preset, drop scenes inside respective boxes, drag scenes to position as you like, select border color, preview, and press OK.

Symbols and lines should be distinguishable when the figure is reduced, and no smaller than 5 and 0.5 pt, respectively at the final size. For useful information on preparing your figures for publication, clickhere.

Colour should be used sparingly to identify different categories of data, and red and green should not be used together in graphs. Continuously distributed data should be displayed either by showing all data points or by using box-and-whisker plots, with all elements (e.g. median, interquartile interval, minimum, maximum) defined in the legend. Solid symbols are preferable to open symbols except to indicate data overlap. Circles, squares, diamonds and triangles are preferable to crosses.

Papers that are not within the scope of the journal may be rejected at this stage. Suitable articles are sent by a member of the Editorial Board to at least two experts for peer review.

We ask our reviewers for constructive, fair feedback within 2 weeks. Following review, the Editorial Board member and the Editor examine the feedback from review and will contact the author with the decision to accept, reject, or ask for a revision of the work.

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