payforaresearchpaper com – They found them at 30 m copper wire, which is dug from the ground and cut off a metal saw.

Conducted a nationwide campaign code-named “Infrastructure”, in which in cooperation with the police patrolled the railways are controlled and scrap collection points, where you usually get stolen infrastructure. “Of great importance to reduce the number of thefts is the use of modern equipment. Railway area is constantly patrolled by mobile monitoring centers – vehicles equipped with thermal cameras and night vision. We detect multiple events using the so-called. fotopułapek “- says Deputy Chief of SOK Paul Bacon. At the beginning of July, the Guard by using the “fotopułapki” which automatically alerts officers of suspicious movements in the area, detained two men rozkręcających tracks near the station Bierawa. Secured them with screws car and compression spring, which tried to steal. The observations JUICE-istów that to apprehend thieves increasingly contribute Travelers who call the emergency number Guard informing observed behaviors that might indicate that welcome people have made theft or preparing for it. Controlled points are also buying scrap.

Since the beginning of this year, SOK officers found them and recovered railway property worth a total of over 10 thousand. zł. Eg. On July 18 during the inspection of scrap metal collection point in Miasteczko Slaskie guards regained 23 rail connectors. Also manages to recover the loot taken from offenders arrested in the act. Last Thursday, August 3, during a patrol station in Kostrzyn goods, guards laid hold upon telecommunication cable thieves. As reported by police, detained the men came to the festival “Woodstock”. They found them at 30 m copper wire, which is dug from the ground and cut off a metal saw.

July 16 in the area of ​​Grodzisk Mazowiecki JUICE-truly laid hold upon the thief red-handed cable used to power railway traffic control devices. As evidence secured chisels and shovels, digging up the cable which the perpetrator. For disturbing the operation of the equipment and the theft of items related to the safety of train traffic could result in up to 8 years in prison. (PAP) deputies Statement by the CBA passed on Tuesday, February 5 was: “Corruption Bureau every year to monitor asset declarations of all parliamentarians. If as a result, there are grounds to initiate control of the financial declaration particular parliamentarian, CBA starts such control. In the case of the analysis of the financial declaration deputy Jaroslaw Kaczynski does not found grounds for an inspection declare their assets. ” Themistocles Brodowski from the department of Social Communication Office pointed out that the CBA issued a statement on Wednesday “in connection with further inaccurate claims presented for slander of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, which are distributed in the media community by deputies Krzysztof Brejza, Martin Tomczyk and Cezary Kierwińskiego” .See also CBA did not state the basis for control of the financial declaration Kaczynski ‘ “inform you that a statement on its position Office on the control of asset declarations deputy Jaroslaw Kaczynski was a response to the CBA to numerous false media information on the activities of the Bureau and has no political context” – wrote Brodowski. “At the same time statements PO deputies, as an attempt to take undue influence on political party activities of a state institution, which is the Central Anticorruption Bureau” – dodał.Zapewnił that the statement sent to the Office of the PAP on Tuesday at. 16.09 and urgent with its contents was given to the site after 10 minutes. “Further duplication and distributed false information about the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau to meet with the appropriate legal steps to be taken by the Office of the leadership” – said Tuesday Brodowski.Po CBA statement on Wednesday, the club Civic Platform deputies – Civic Coalition demanded a reply in writing and justify why ws not control. J.Kaczyńskiego statements.

Cezary Tomczyk (PO-KO) said that on Tuesday at. 16 “learned that the CBA does not take the control of the property statement of Jaroslaw Kaczynski.” “Somehow the chair. 16 ended the meeting on the Novgorod (the headquarters of the Law and Justice), in which participated all the important PiS politicians, including those supervising Polish special services. According to our information (…) it seems that the decision on the declaration of assets failure to address (Kaczynski) by the CBA could take the same Jaroslaw Kaczynski at the meeting of the chair. 16. ” – said Tomczyk. “It is an absolute bankruptcy of Polish state” – said the deputy-KO.Dodał that if the CBA does not provide written reasons why they do not address the control of property statement Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the OP “take further legal steps.” “If you can not with the CBA for political reasons hare a matter of property statement Mr Kaczynski they will be needed next moves, perhaps the involvement of other institutions of the state “- said on Wednesday Marcin Kierwiński (PO-KO), indicating that it would be the police.” Gazeta Wyborcza “published in late January transcripts of recordings talks with, among others, in July 2018.

Kaczynski with an Austrian businessman. The conversation concerned the construction plans in Warsaw two 190-meter high-rise buildings linked by the Environmental Justice silver company. Construction – served as “GW” – was to be financed with a loan granted by Bank Pekao SA in the amount of 300 million euros (1.3 billion zł). The office would be located, among others, apartments, a hotel and the headquarters of the foundation of the Institute. Lech Kaczynski. “GW” also wrote that Jaroslaw Kaczynski met 20 times at the party headquarters of the Austrian businessman who had silver on behalf of the company to build an office building.

On Friday evening, the Senate approved without amendment a new law on the Supreme Court and the amendment to the law on the National Council of the Judiciary – by President Andrzej Duda. Act await the decision of the president. Lapinski asked TOK FM on the air, or in connection with the protests, the president will veto the provisions concerning. National Court and the Supreme Court, he declared that “we have a completely different situation,” because they are “other law” than those adopted in July. See also: Venice Commission again critical of the changes in Poland: Violate European standards »According Lapinski” part of the protesters, some of which today demands the wet, from the beginning said he did not support these bills. ” The president’s spokesman stressed that the projects of the National Court and the Supreme Court, which were Proceeded in parliament, have been prepared by the President; Act enacted meet his “boundary conditions”. He added that the laws do not have these records, because of which Andrzej Duda vetoed proposals in July. “There is, for example, the powers of the Prosecutor General, which were strong in those laws, which the president did not like” – pointed Lapinski.

Inquired whether Andrzej Duda sign the Law on the National Court and the Supreme Court, his spokesman stressed: “The president will decide, how to take it, announce it.” Lapinski was also asked about whether the president will sign changes in the Code of election laws and local government, proposed by the Parliament in shape. “Let’s wait for the Senate yet, because even at the stage of parliamentary work was a lot of changes – a camp of Law and Justice withdrew from certain provisions” – commented the president’s spokesman. Inquired whether Duda “sent signals” that it would not sign the provisions it, he replied, “it at that – let us not say who, what sent that suggestion, but what is the actual situation. Today, some records – which aroused emotions social (. ..) many people were incomprehensible – it is not. ” Lapinski asked abolished absentee voting, said that it would be worth it “think” at the stage of Senate committees. “We are behind this, that in Poland, as many people participated in the elections. Often complain about the low turnout, the more we should facilitate the participation in the election of those who can not be blamed if the will can not take (share)” – Advocate President. See also: Forensics one of the topics of conversation Morawiecki Macron »On Monday, three Senate committees at the joint meeting will begin work on the amendments adopted by the Parliament in the election Code and local laws.

The amendment introduces, among others dwukadencyjność reeves, mayors and presidents of cities, JOW-s in municipalities up to 20 thousand. and changes the method of selecting members of the NEC. Trzaskowski was asked on TVN24 that his presidency in the capital city will invite a priest eg. The ceremony of laying the foundation stone for urban investment. “I’m not a person who believes that the office should invite a priest anywhere. I will not invite the priest. It’s not a war worldview, but I think it is not the ceremony, which should be a celebration of religious lynx” – also odparł.zobacz : Trzaskowski Grazyna Wolszczak withdrew a lawsuit against the smog capital of the office »By Trzaskowski president of the city together with the whole office should not” show the public their views. ” “However, if we have a feast and sing, for example. Carols and somewhere invited a priest, I have no problem with that; I am a Catholic, but I think that the office should be neutral ideologically and we should not flaunt this who is what religion” – dodał.Dopytywany, whether it is in favor of leaving the teaching of religion in schools, Trzaskowski rating that religion is “not proven”. “But I will not make war with the religion from schools to move out” – he added podkreślił.Jak, religion should be the first or the last lesson and should not “stigmatize” children at her uczęszczają.W Sunday, the leader of the Polish Initiative Barbara Nowacka presented the draft law, which refers to the separation of church and state; It assumes, among others, the abolition of religious instruction financing and insurance of priests and clergy of the state budget. The initiative also calls for the elimination of the Church Fund and calls for elimination of all government-kościelnych.Do committee on February 20 will be collected signatures for a petition calling on the proposed bill that will be submitted in the Sejm.

If the parliamentary committee. Petitions will not consider an application Polish Initiative, then – as announced Nowacka – “civic project will begin.” “We have every reason to expect that in the nearest future the Netherlands prosecutor’s office will be able to present to the court an indictment against those who were involved in the shooting down of the plane,” – Poroshenko wrote Thursday on Facebook. “Ukraine for its part will do, that the actions of the Russian Federation – the state that supports terrorism, have been duly assessed at the Court of the UN within the framework of the case, which was initiated at the beginning of last year,” – said the Ukrainian president. Earlier, an international team of Inquiry announced that a detailed analysis of the video showed that the missile Beech, who in 2014 shot down a Malaysia Airlines plane over eastern Ukraine, came from the Russian units also wojskowej.zobacz: Investigators: missile that shot down the plane came from Malaysia Airlines from the Russian units »Wilbert Paulissen with Dutch police he said that the bullet came from 53 Antiaircraft missile Brigade stationed in Kursk. Paulissen occurred during the presentation of interim results of the investigation into the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner. “All the vehicles in the convoy wiozącym the missile belonged to the Russian armed forces,” – he said. Boeing 777-200ER Malaysia Airlines, flying 17 July 2014 year with Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down over eastern Ukraine, in the area controlled by pro-Russian separatists. It killed 298 people, all passengers and the entire crew. Already in 2016 an international group of investigators from the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Malaysia and Ukraine announced that Malaysia Airlines plane was shot down a missile, which came from Russia.

According to investigators missile was fired from the territory controlled by pro-Russian separatists. Buk missile system from which the missile was fired, he returned to Russia – payforaresearchpaper declared the prosecutors. The Russian side denies having anything to do with the downing of the plane. I know that the mission will be faced with obstacles, and observers will not be able to travel across the country – said Merkel in the German parliament, questioned by members of the Green Party for a position on the extension of the OSCE observation mission for the whole Ukraine. “We must call a spade a spade. Russian activities on the Sea of ​​Azov are unacceptable,” – she added. Previously, support for the extension of the OSCE presence in the region of the Sea of ​​Azov expressed the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. Observation Mission of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) operates in the east of Ukraine since 2014.

Its task is monitor whether a ceasefire between pro-Russian separatists and the army in the Ukrainian Donbas is observed. November 25 near the Kerch Strait Russian forces attacked three small ships of the Ukrainian Navy, injuring three soldiers, took these units and detained 24 members of their crews. Ukraine considers the incident an act of aggression and declared martial law in areas along the border with Russia, Transnistria in Moldova, where Russian troops are stationed in the circuits and the Black Sea and Azov. Kerch Strait connects the Sea of ​​Azov with the Black Sea. In 2003.

Ukraine and Russia concluded an agreement according to which the area has been recognized for their internal territory. Both countries have freedom of navigation there. (PAP) asc / penalties / Mr. Dariusz S. held at Typhoon executive position. Perhaps for serial employee of the company he was boss, but most of this, what are the internal relations in this company knows the owner of Gratian Wolak, which, moreover, he was the security chief GOCC final in Gdansk. I do not know why the prosecutor’s office after stopping Dariusz S. pinned him such a function.

I’m not authorized to do so, to speak for another body, but perhaps it is this feature executive- S. Darius within the structure of the company could be misleading for someone – told PAP Isenko. He added that the S. Darius was in place during the final GOCC and performed his duties as the other security guards of the company. The proxy Typhoon also informed that continues intensive activities in this case, where on Thursday attended. “No one from the company has ever been for this moment for a breach of duty charges. Besides, Dariusz S. also has other complaints, because they relate submitted his false testimony. I can only say that the S. Darius enjoyed the company and still enjoys a good reputation as a person performs his duties well, in the past, police officer, or even uncheck officer.

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